Home is where love is. Our cats, being members of our family, each space in our humble dwelling is arranged to allow optimal comfort, safety but likewise provide fun for all our furry babies. Cat condos, beds, toys, scratch pads and gates are strategically located to allow for optimal comfort and living conditions for both human and 4 legged babies.


Our cat rooms and patios are designed to allow optimal comfort and space. Both cat rooms for the girls and the nursery are temperature regulated from 18-22 deg during hottest times of the day where all cats stay and during late evenings up to early mornings while humans rest. The garden cat patio provides a safe and exclusive space for the boys where they get to have their own private space but still allowing for an interesting life beyond the usual 4 corners of a room. A life beyond these rooms/patios will always be the best but it is important to keep them comfortable and happy while they stay within to await better temperature/environmental conditions in a tropical country like ours. On a typical sunny day, Cats and older kittens gets full access to our home and garden usually from 5-9am and again from 4-9pm daily.


The Garden is undoubtedly the place where cats enjoy being at the most. They love the outdoors, the scents, sight of birds, insects and anything that moves and this is where they are at their most natural behavior. It is important though that safety not be ignored and thus, cat proof gates, cat friendly plants and pots are incorporated in the landscaping. My cats if allowed will stay here the whole day 🙂